Can you speak extemporaneously on why pizza restaurants must stop selling pizza? Or why hair salons should be barred from using scissors? Or explain that green and blue colors are actually the same, and anybody who sees them differently must be dealing with some visual anomaly.


Can you listen to three stories, in a game of “Two Truths and a Lie,” and figure out which one is which? And can you make up a story that could fool someone?


Can you give someone a tour of a town you’ve never visited, and give them a historic account that is completely fabricated?


You’re in for a treat!


This is a serious platform, and we’re here on a serious mission to make future leaders, who will make a difference in this world. Everything we do is with a plan. Making progress and developing the right mindset are what we’re constantly working on.


But who says we can’t also have fun at the same time?


Welcome to the “Fun ‘N Games” section, where we will be live sessions and chats where we will try to throw you off your comfort train, and it will be your job to stay firm. Funniest and most inventive responses will get prizes. You may even become the “combassador of the month (“Comedic-Ambassador”).


You think this is going to be easy? Piece of cake? No problem? Better watch out, mate! Some of our members are too competitive to yield even an inch, and you’ll have to work up a sweat to get ahead of them!


Before you go … quick comment … why are the examples here all about making things up? We’re asking people to lie. Is this what we’re supporting here on this platform?


No, not even close. This is a platform where we focus on developing critical life skills, and on self-improvement. We definitely do not ever want you to lie in real life, or to trick someone by presenting a sorry story. But while these games are fun, they also teach you how to be creative, how to think outside the box, how to extend the boundaries for what is generally acceptable, and how to plan your way to wherever you want to go. These are tools, just like morality, problem-solving and other leadership traits. All our programs are based on an ethical foundation.


So, what that, let’s head on over to the Community and see the games in action!

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