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Welcome to Sympheon. We are delighted that you decided to check us out. Maybe you saw a promotional video and got interested. Or maybe you came because a close friend wouldn't stop raving about this platform. Whatever was the reason that brought you here we can guarantee that you are in for a thrill ride!

This site is full of very valuable resources. We strongly encourage you to get familiarized with the layout and understand how to access all the material here. The following steps are designed to provide you with a detailed walk-through. Please follow these recommended steps to maximize what you get from your journey with us.


We have prepared a few videos to provide you with a high-level summary of this platform. Please click on this link to watch them. For each video please click on the provided button to certify that you have seen it.Onboarding Videos


Now that you have seen the videos and have a deeper familiarity with the materials here let's work on setting up your account. Please perform these steps:

  • Access your account profile by going to the "My Dashboard."
  • Upload a recent picture. This picture will be used to identify you throughout the platform and will be your public profile.
  • Provide a summary about you. Mention what you're currently doing and talk about your future goals and aspirations.
  • Provide links to your professional profile (LinkedIn), artistic portfolio (Instagram or any other platform), and any other link that provides users some relevant information about you.
  • Save the profile when the changes have been completed.

Note: We very strongly suggest that you do not share your personal information on this profile. You may consider creating a new email account to use exclusively for this website. If someone finds this email address we do not want them to connect it to your actual email and personal social media accounts.


(If you signed up on your own and did not have someone who guided you, you could skip this step)

If someone referred you to this website, they have also volunteered to become your "sponsor" and help you with your orientation. This would be the time to set up an official meeting with them. Click here to book an appointment and be sure to invite your sponsor. Meeting type: Onboarding.

Please make sure that when you meet with the sponsor they follow the recommended structure and complete the entire checklist.


Before you meet with your sponsor or during the meeting, visit the membership page and get familiarized with the pricing tiers. Even as a free member you have access to over $100 worth of resources every month. But if you sign up for the Silver or Gold package, compare the benefits. visit the membership page.


Get your sponsor to help you create your account and post an introductory note. He or she should also help you decide which groups you should join. Please make sure that when you meet with the sponsor they follow the recommended format and complete the entire checklist.


We have several opportunities for you to make new friends on this platform. Visit this page: and filter on Meeting Type to be "Getting to Know You" and "Fun 'N Games." Sign up for one or two of the upcoming meetings.


Click on and sign up for any event that interests you. We should have dozens of options for you to pick from.


Onboarding Personal Profile (OPP) is a very insightful document about you, your background, and your future ambitions. It is a very detailed form and it may take 20 minutes spread over multiple sessions to complete it. Please make sure this is completed before you meet with the coach. Link to OPP

Important instructions about this form: As we explained, this could be a sensitive document since we are trying to tap into your background, your life journey, and exploring the challenges you have faced in your life. There is an area about your family and your support system. We need these details to help develop a roadmap for you but we are very mindful of the sensitive nature of these questions. So this form will NOT be connected to your account. The only way to access it would be through a code word and a PIN that you will decide. Please enter them when you first access this form. Please keep this information safe. You will need it to edit the form each time you return to make edits. And you will also need to share these details with your coach during your review session so he or she could access your responses.


If you have completed all the recommended steps you should now be very familiar with the website. Now comes the best part for all new members: their meeting with the coach where they will have a detailed discussion with you about your life goals, your career journey, and what you're currently working on. Through the discussion, you both will develop a roadmap to help you get to your goals. It is very important that you complete all the steps mentioned above before you schedule this meeting with the coach. This may be your only opportunity to have a one-on-one meeting with your coach and you need to make sure that you utilize this time in the best way possible. To set up this meeting click here. Meeting type: Coach's Initial Review.

We strongly recommend that you invite your parents or legal guardians to this meeting. A lot of very useful information would be shared and it is important if you have someone who can help you distill it. Since this would be a personal meeting, please only invite your sponsor if you don't mind them listening into this confidential discussion.

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