This is your personal worksheet. Whether you are working with a coach, or you're exploring this website on your own, the questions below are meant to push into a very deep thought process. Every question serves a purpose. When you ponder over the responses, in many cases, it may be the first time you'd find yourself vocalizing these thoughts. This is an important first step, and this self-assessment is designed to help you figure out what is truly important for you.

Strong recommendation: Do this as a group activity. Make a circle of 4-5 close friends, and go through this exercise together. You will learn a lot by listening to how others are tackling the same questions, and they would, no doubt, learn from your wisdom.

Sympheon is a leadership development platform, where we are developing future leaders who will one day take over all aspects of our world. We want them to be careful, thoughtful and intelligent people, who have the skills and mindset to approach some of the most intense challenges we are facing as a humanity. This self-assessment tool will put you on that journey.

If you find this questionnaire useful, please provide your comments below (you need to be logged in to do that), and please feel free to use the social media options above to share the link with your friends.

Good luck!

# Question
1 What are your top three strengths?
2 What are three areas you would like to improve?
3 What are your career goals?
4 What motivates you most?
5 What is your favorite subject in school and why?
6 How do you handle stress or pressure?
7 List three hobbies or activities you enjoy outside of school.
8 What are your expectations from this volunteer program?
9 How do you define success?
10 Who is a person you admire and why?
11 How do you usually plan and organize your work?
12 Describe a challenge you faced and how you overcame it.
13 What role do you usually take in a team? (Leader, follower, facilitator, etc.)
14 How do you handle feedback and criticism?
15 If you could change one thing about your school experience so far, what would it be and why?
16 What is your proudest accomplishment and why?
17 How do you spend your free time?
18 Can you describe a time when you helped someone else?
19 What are your academic goals for the next year?
20 How would your friends describe you?
21 What is a project or assignment that you struggled with and how did you overcome that struggle?
22 What is a book, movie, or TV show that had a significant impact on you, and why?
23 What skills do you want to develop or improve?
24 Describe a time when you had to make a difficult decision.
25 What is a mistake you made that you learned from?
26 If you could meet any person, past or present, who would it be and why?
27 What are your favorite and least favorite parts about school?
28 How do you handle conflicts with your peers?
29 What type of work environment do you thrive in? (Quiet, collaborative, etc.)
30 What is something you want to accomplish in the next five years?
31 What are some things you wish your teachers understood better about you?
32 What are three words you would use to describe yourself?
33 How do you approach problem-solving when you encounter a difficult problem?
34 What is a community service or volunteering experience that you found particularly rewarding and why?
35 What is a positive habit you have developed and how has it helped you?
36 What kind of learner are you? (Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc.)
37 Who is a teacher or mentor who has greatly influenced you and why?
38 What is one thing you'd like to change about yourself and why?
39 What kind of support do you need to achieve your academic and personal goals?
40 Describe a time when you had to work with someone you didn't get along with.
41 How do you balance your academic responsibilities with your personal life?
42 If you could learn any skill, what would it be and why?
43 What does leadership mean to you and do you see yourself as a leade
44 What's a recent challenge you've faced in your personal life and how have you dealt with it?
45 How do you usually handle disappointment or setbacks?
46 What does a successful future look like to you?
47 What is something new you've learned recently that intrigued you?
48 What is your approach to dealing with failure?
49 Do you prefer working alone or in a group? Why?
50 How do you contribute positively to your community?
51 What are your favorite ways to express creativity?
52 Describe a time when you had to step out of your comfort zone.
53 What does teamwork mean to you?
54 What is a dream you have that you haven't told many people about?
55 What are your strategies for staying organized and managing time?
56 What is a cause you feel strongly about?
57 How do you handle distractions when you're trying to focus?
58 What are some achievements you're aiming for in the next academic year?
59 If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
60 What is one thing you would change about your current study habits?

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